Current development

Development of CellML and CellML related projects

CellML tracker

The majority of work currently being undertaken, and issues being discussed, are described in items within the Physiome Tracker. The tracker is more technical in nature than the cellml-discussion mailing list. Members of the community may raise a specific issue and discuss it with the specific people who can help them out. If you find a bug in some CellML software, or would like to suggest a particular feature, this is the place to go.

Within the CellML Project category, the tracker is organised according to subject area (i.e. the CellML specifications, CellML Model Repository, OpenCell, etc.) and issues are able to be easily searched, sorted and organised according to various attributes and keywords. We encourage community members to make full use of the capabilities offered by this technology. Please note that issues can be viewed without logging in, but to create and discuss issues a user account must be created. 

CellML meeting minutes

The CellML group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute meets weekly on Wednesday at 10:00am, New Zealand time.  Although this group represents a fraction of the CellML community, they are engaged in and discuss core projects such as the development of the CellML specification, CellML related software, the website and curation of the CellML model repository. The recorded minutes for these meetings provide some indication of what issues related to CellML are currently being discussed. These minutes are posted on the website on the Friday following the meeting. If you would like to see your group's meeting minutes published on the CellML website, or would like to participate in these meetings by teleconference, please contact us.

CellML email discussion lists

The CellML email discussion lists provide one of the principle media for community members to discuss projects currently being worked on. Please feel free to join these mailing lists. Searchable archives are available at: Gmane & The Mail Archive.