CellML community

CellML is an international collaborative initiative built around open source science and software. The cellml.org website is a community hub for all things CellML. This section contains information about projects, research groups and events within and related to the CellML community.

If you have a research group or project you would like cellml.org to host information about, please contact the webmaster.

CellML Editorial board

The CellML editorial board is an elected group of five members who have the responsibility to encourage and facilitate discussion about development of the CellML standard.

CellML project team

This group is responsible for releasing CellML specifications and administrating CellML community resources such as the CellML Model Repository and the cellml.org website.

CellML case studies

Find out about how individuals are using CellML.

Related efforts

Efforts related to the CellML project.

Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes from the various research groups and project groups within the CellML community.

Mailing lists

A listing of of the public mailing lists on cellml.org.


Find out about CellML related events such as workshops, conferences, or tutorials.