Getting Started with CellML

New to CellML? This section collates information about CellML and tutorials that will help get you up and running with CellML and doing research.

Quick CellML primer

A primer on how to use CellML for modelling work.


Frequently asked questions about CellML.


A range of tutorials, suited to novice and intermediate users of CellML.

Get involved

The CellML project is built by an open, democratic community on an open source / free ethic. Any and all contributions are welcome, and we encourage you to get involved. 

Please feel free to introduce yourself to the community by posting your questions and comments to the mailing list.

What you'll need
  • CellML software

    We suggest you download COR or OpenCell, complete modelling environments that will allow you to build, edit and simulate your models. See the CellML tools page for more information.



  • Model repository

    Check out some example models: the CellML Model Repository is a collection of hundreds of curated CellML descriptions of published models. Models are submitted to the repository by CellML users for distribution and reuse by the wider scientific community.