CellML logos

A collection of CellML logos in a variety of formats

We provide the CellML logo in a number of formats. You may use the logo on your website, poster, or other presentation without contacting us for permission, but please adhere to the guidelines for usage of the logo.

  • The logo must always appear in full, with both the logotype and logo together.
  • The logo must never be scaled incorrectly; always maintain the 2:1 aspect ratio.
  • The colours of the logo must never be altered.
  • The logo should appear on a white (or light) field colour.

Below are a selection of sizes of the logo in png format, as well as the logo in poscript and metafile vector formats. We strongly recommend the png format for web pages in order to preserve the fidelity of the logo. These png versions have a transparent background.


50x25 pixel png

CellML_Logo_100x50.png 100x50 pixel png
CellML_Logo_150x75.png 150x75 pixel png
CellML_Logo_200x100.png 200x100 pixel png
CellML_Logo_300x150.png 300x150pixel png
CellML_Logo_50x25.png EPS Postscript file
CellML_Logo_50x25.png EMF Enhanced metafile