CellML Editorial Board

The CellML editorial board is an elected group of five members who have the responsibility to encourage and facilitate discussion about development of the CellML standard.

The CellML Editors are devoted experts who approve official specification documents, correct errata, assess proposals, and manage revisions to CellML. They are elected by the CellML community and serve for 3-year terms as volunteers. The current CellML editorial board may be contacted via their mailing list, . The process by which members of the CellML editorial board are elected is documented here and record of previous elections can be found here.

Poul Nielsen

Poul Nielsen (2019-2022)

Poul Nielsen is a professor at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland. Poul's research focuses on using novel instrumentation, detailed computational models, and quantitative descriptions of physical processes to gain a better understanding of human physiology. Many of his projects couple mathematical modelling with innovative instrumentation to improve our ability to understand and interpret measurements of complex biological systems, subject to the constraints of well-understood physical conservation and balance laws.

Keri Moyle

Keri Moyle (2019-2022)



Maxwell Neal

Maxwell Neal (2017-2020)

Maxwell Neal (maxneal@gmail.com) is a Computational Biologist at the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Seattle, USA. His modeling and simulation research currently focuses on understanding how malaria parasites infect liver cells, and how immune cells respond to HIV infection. In collaboration with the CellML group, and other members of the COMBINE community, his research also focuses on developing standards for semantic annotation of models, including the SemSim framework and the Ontology of Physics for Biology. He has had a long-time interest in developing theory and tools that will help modelers more easily share and repurpose their computational models. 

Jesús Carro

Jesús Carro (2018-2021)

Jesús Carro () works as Lecturer at University San Jorge (Zaragoza, Spain). He is currently finishing his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at University of Zaragoza. His research interests are focused on the mathematical modeling of the electrical activity of the cardiac cells. In particular, he is working on new techniques for the development and validation of cardiac electrophysiological models. He is the administrator and the main developer of the DENIS project (https://denis.usj.es), a volunteer computing project to solve large packets of simulations using CellML models.

Hugh Sorby

Hugh Sorby (2018-2021)

Hugh Sorby () is a senior software development specialist at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. Hugh currently leads the development of the libCellML project.

Former Members

Edmund Crampin

Edmund Crampin (2011-2012)



Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper (2011-2014)



Alan Garny

Alan Garny (2011-2014)



Mike Cooling

Mike Cooling (2013-2016)



Edmund Crampin

Edmund Crampin (2014-2015)




Gary Mirams

Gary Mirams (2014-2017)



Alan Garny

Alan Garny (2015-2018)



Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper (2015-2018)



David Nickerson

David Nickerson (2016-2019)




Michael Clerx

Michael Clerx (2016-2019)