CellML case studies

Alan Garny


Creating the first modelling environment to support CellML

Alan Garny (University of Oxford)

Frank Sachse


Model reuse with CellML - across 3 continents and timezones

Frank Sachse (University of Utah)

Penny Noble


Perfecting heart cell models

Penny Noble (University of Oxford)

Richard Faville


Publishing a model in CellML to overcome the potential errors of manuscript translation

Richard Faville (University of Auckland)

Alberto Corrias


Using CellML to create multiscale models of the gut

Alberto Corrias (University of Oxford)

John Davidson


Using CellML to embed muscle cell models in a multiscale tissue network

John Davidson (University of Auckland)

Jonna Terkildsen


Using the import feature of CellML 1.1 to reuse existing models

Jonna Terkildsen (University of Auckland)