Nominees for the CellML editorial Board

The following is a list of people who have accepted nominations for election to the CellML editorial board in August 2011. Supporting information provided by nominees is also shown.

  • Randall Britten - My background is applied mathematics and professional software development. I have been involved with the CellML project since 2007, leading the Bioengineering Software Development Group at the ABI, which participates in the development of the CellML repository, CellML API and CellML specification, and previously OpenCell. This group also participates in related Physiome projects: PMR2, FieldML, OpenCMISS, cmgui and the Cardiac Atlas Project. I continue to participate very directly in each of these projects. I believe in giving attention to user requirements and valuing feedback from users; building a highly capable development team and fostering teamwork and community collaboration. Email:
  • Jonathan Cooper - Jonathan's background is in computer science, software engineering, and computational biology. He has been developing tools supporting CellML since 2005, most notably the PyCml suite within Chaste. This incorporates strict validation of CellML 1.0, automatic units checking and conversion, and various optimisation methods for speeding model simulations. Jonathan is also working on functional curation solutions building on CellML.
  • Edmund Crampin - Edmund is head of the Systems Biology Group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, which develops mathematical models of complex diseases including heart disease and dysfunction of saliva secretion. We are also using computational approaches to study the network of genetic interactions underlying cancers, in order to develop new gene-based prognostic tools. We are predominantly users of CellML rather than developers, and seek to represent the community of users on the CellML Board.
  • Alan Garny - Alan's background is in computer science and cardiac electrophysiological modelling. His involvement with CellML goes back to its official release in August 2001. Alan is the author of COR, the first publicly available CellML environment. He was also involved in the development of OpenCell. He now leads the OpenCOR project which aim is to provide a replacement solution for both OpenCell and COR.
  • Steve McKeever - Steve comes from a computing science background with a strong interest in the formal specification of programming languages and compilers. His interest in CellML is from the perspective of a language developer rather than a modeller. Hence he is interested in exploiting analysis and optimisation techniques from traditional software language development applied to physiological modelling scenarios.
  • Andrew Miller - Andrew has been an active member of the CellML community since 2004, and has developed and maintained the CellML API from the commencement of that project, as well as participating in the development of a number of CellML language proposals.
  • David Nickerson - David "Andre" Nickerson has been involved in CellML since its inception, with his Master's project providing the initial demonstration of the application of XML to physiological modelling. He continues to be an active participant in CellML, the model repository, and related projects and software developments.
  • Steven Niederer
  • Poul Nielsen - Poul is one of the original designers of CellML and has led the effort since its inception. In this role, he has instigated and overseen the development of many of the standards and tools associated with CellML. He continues to be an active participant in CellML and related projects.