Creating the first modelling environment to support CellML


Alan Garny works as a software engineer and mathematical modeller in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at the University of Oxford, UK. Alan can boast being the sole designer and developer of Cellular Open Resource (COR), the first modelling environment ever to support CellML. COR was initially developed for creating and running cardiac cellular electrophysiological models. In particular, Alan's PhD thesis involved the development of cellular and multicellular models of the rabbit sinoatrial node and of stretch-activated channels.

Continued tool development

More recently, Alan has shifted the focus of his software development efforts away from COR and towards the development of OpenCell.

Multitalented - Alan also works on developing and curating models

With his experience in cardiac cell modelling, Alan is also an invaluable aide to the CellML curators in the validation of these models.