Run CellML models in MatLab (using COR MatLab export format)

runMatLabCellML will run a CellML model as exported from COR. To use this utility, first load a CellML model in COR and export it as MatLab.

You must enter the 'time' variable name as it is in the CellML file, and you can alter the output times. It will create a temporary file, (the suffix of which you can specify,) in order to perform the integration. All cconstants, computed variables, and state variables will be outputted to the matlab workspace for analysis.


time: A string for the operand. Some models use 't', some use 'time' etc.

lengthToRun: The length of time you wish to run the model for (e.g.
suffix: A string for the suffix of the temporary file (e.g. '_temp')


Download runMatLabCellML