If you want to test the latest features of OpenCell, and are comfortable with bleeding edge software that might still be buggy, you can get a snapshot build.

Our source code repository is located at You can get read access by cloning the repository through Mercurial. The repository is also viewable over the web at An rss feed of changes to the repository is available at


There is build documentation in the repository accessible from the internet at

OpenCell depends on the CellML DOM API; more information about the CellML DOM API can be found here.


We are developing sets of functional tests (i.e. sets of steps you can go through to test that OpenCell is working) at . If you have a spare moment and want to see the functionality OpenCell offers, and check that your build is working, please try the functional tests, and report back to us at if anything is broken. If you develop a new functional test, or expand the existing ones, please update the page (if you have access), or contact