CellML 2.0

Documents related to the CellML 2.0 Specification

CellML 2.0 Normative Specification

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CellML 2.0 is defined by the normative specification. This is the formal description of rules which define a valid CellML model encoding.

The "CellML 2.0 release notes" describe the changes between CellML 1.1 and this version of CellML.

CellML 2.0 Informative Specification

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For the general reader, the informative specification is much easier to use when learning about CellML 2.0. This rendering of the specification extends the normative specification with less formal explanation of the rules and examples of their usage. Demonstration of how the rules map to the libCellML data model and API are also provided.

CellML 2.0 Drafts

Earlier drafts of the CellML 2.0 normative specification are also available: