1 Introduction

This document records known errors in the 10 August 2001 Recommendation of the CellML 1.0 specification, which is available at the following URI:

The latest version of the CellML 1.0 specification is available at the following URI:

2 Known Errors

2.1 Known errors as of 6 November 2002

  • Section 3.3: Examples
    • The MathML equation in Figure 4 is incorrect. The MathML <minus> element is a unary or binary operator, and not an n-ary operator as used here. Furthermore, the MathML equation does not match equation 1 shown in the text.

2.2 Known errors as of 24 April 2002

  • Section 3.4.6: The <map_variables> element
    • A variable with a private_interface attribute of "in" must be mapped to a single variable owned by a component in the encapsulated set, provided the target variable has a public_interface attribute value of "out".

2.3 Known errors as of 26 February 2002