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CellML Metadata Specification - Overview

Research Summary - 18 May 2001

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This document specifies CellMLTM Metadata 1.0, the recommended method for identifying types of metadata embedded in a CellML document. The CellML specification recommends the use of the Resource Description Framework for the association of metadata with CellML objects. This document demonstrates how the Dublin Core, BQS and vCard data models can be used to classify metadata. It also defines some CellML specific types of metadata.

Status of this document

On 18 May 2001, this document was cobbled together from various meeting minutes resulting from metadata-related research undertaken in the first quarter of 2001. It is not intended to be a formal specification at all, and has been made available purely as a roadmap for the CellML Metadata project.

The authors invite feedback from the public. Readers are encouraged to subscribe and send comments to the cellml-discussion mailing list. Alternatively, readers may send comments and questions via e-mail to info@cellml.org.

The latest version of the CellML Metadata specification can always be found on the CellML website.

Quick Links

The CellML specification can be viewed as one large document in either HTML of PDF formats, or viewed in the following manageable sections:

  • Introduction — Covers the CellML Metadata philosophy, RDF, Dublin Core, and some specific serialization issues.
  • General — This section defines metadata names and semantics for the majority of CellML metadata, including model authoring information, personal information, and biological information.
  • Citations / BQS Serialization — This section presents an RDF serialization of the Bibliographic Query Service (BQS) data model for citations and references.