Terms of Use for CellML

CellML is an Extensible Markup Language (XML) being developed by the University of Auckland and the CellML Working Group to provide a standard method for representing and exchanging computer-based biological models. The CellML Working Group consists of individuals and organizations committed to guiding the future development of CellML as an open standard for biological modelling, and promoting the development of tools and products that will enable the broad use of simulation techniques in biomedical research.

The following paragraph contains the official terms of use for CellML:

Individuals can (a) freely use, publish, and redistribute the CellML Format and documentation; (b) write and sell applications which create, load, or write CellML-valid XML files; (c) distribute or sell their own CellML-valid XML files; and (d) transmit verbatim copies of the CellML Format and documentation to any person, without restriction. Applications and files using the CellML standard should reference the CellML specifications

Any questions or concerns should be sent to <info@cellml.org>.