ABI CellML Meeting Minutes, 7th September 2011

Present: Dougal Cowan, Randall Britten, Andrew Miller, Tommy Yu, Caton Little

Apologies: David "Andre" Nickerson, Poul Nielsen

Last week's action items:

Action item 1: Randall to try and get more details from VPH Share partners as to how they plan to use the webservices.

  • Done. Awaiting input from VPH share partners.

This week's agenda:


1) Front page of cellml.org, news content


  • Randall: we should continue to ensure that the news items are relevant and not too old. They look OK at the moment. The staging of PMR2 could be a news item, as well as the release of RC2 of the API.

Action item 1: Dougal - put these news items up.

2) Packaging options for the CellML API (Andrew)


  • Andrew: there have been requests for more types of package of the API, and there is a danger the number of packages could get out of hand. There are a range of costs associated with every new package type.
  • There was a discussion about DMG packages for Mac, and how to manage the package selection generally.
  • Andrew: will put out RC2 with DMG package for now.
  • Tommy: it would be nice to have a libsbml style installer for the API for ease of use of the Python bindings.
  • There was a discussion about Python eggs and the API.

Action item 2: Tommy - investigate building Python eggs with the binary release.

3) CellML board nominations voting system (Dougal)


  • Dougal - would like to get some input on ways to get secure (single vote per discussion list member) voting working.
  • There was a discussion about possible solutions and services.

4) Repository contributions - update


  • Dougal: Hanne has requested publication of 10 workspaces with new models added to the hepatology section. These need to be curated and exposed.

5) PMR2 development - update


  • Tommy: spent time getting the bindings working, managed to get them working running source. Some more testing and some bugfixes done on the staging instance. Some work done on the uncertainty for VPH Share.


  • There was a discussion about VPH Share aims and outcomes for the uncertainty work.

6) CellML core specs - update


  • Andrew: emailed a draft with progress towards 1.2. Will comment on the tracker item about the apply diff issue. Will now start work on the secondary specification(s).


  • There was a discussion about prototyping for 1.2, possibly using Haskell, Scala, etc.

7) CellML API - update


  • Andrew: release candidate 1 has been released, RC2 will be released today. Fixed a problem with a race condition when running a model with SRuS.


  • Randall: Parallelization of CIS could be a good student project, possibly making use of NeSI.
  • Andrew: another idea could be "screensaver" style distributed computing using desktop machines.
  • Randall: it would be worth looking for a modelling project to go with these ideas.