ABI CellML Meeting Minutes, 3rd August, 2011

Present: Dougal Cowan, Randall Britten, Tommy Yu, Andrew Miller, Caton Little

Apologies: Poul Nielsen, David "Andre" Nickerson

Last week's action items:

Action item 1: Dougal - email Sanjay Kharche with information about how to create and upload to a workspace, and get him to upload code & data.

  • Done.

Action item 2: Caton - put some time into trying to get the CMake to build out of source.

  • No time was available for this during the week.

This week's agenda:

1) CellML core specs - update


  • A breakaway was called to go through 1.2 tracker items, discussion can be found in this tracker item.
  • There was a discussion about setting a cut off date for editorial board nominations - 15th August was decided.

Action item 1: Dougal - send out an email with the cut off date for nominations, and a link to a page with current nominees.

2) CellML API - update


  • Andrew: some work done on the TeLICeMS bracket problem, which seems to be fixed but will require some testing.
  • Andrew: Worked on the build system. 64bit Mac problems now fixed. All platforms are building. API binary packages are being put up on sourceforge.

3) Repository contributions - update


  • Dougal: Hanne has been working on the hepatology section. The Kummer et al 2000 model was updated with session files and an exposure.

4) PMR2 development - update


  • Tommy: working on the OAuth plugin for Plone. Looked at other OAuth systems. Working on itegrating the Python oauth2 library into Plone.


  • There was a discussion about OAuth, access control, etc.
  • Randall: it could be worth looking at alternative designs that decouple the server side presentation layer from the webservices.
  • Tommy: many of the tasks that require authentication are deeply tied to the Plone authorization system.

Action item 2: Randall - email Alan Garny to see if he wants to test out the webservices.

5) COMBINE membership

  • Randall: would there be a way to avoid duplication of effort to get CellML & FieldML as core COMBINE standards? Is SBML spatial part of COMBINE?