ABI CellML Meeting Minutes, 22nd of June, 2011

Present: Tommy Yu, David Nickerson, Randall Britten, Andrew Miller, Mike Cooling, Poul Nielsen

1) Should we rename the CellML API implementation to reflect a broader scope for the project? Tracker item 2955 (Andrew)

Discussion was merged below.

2) CellML API


Andrew: SEDML running service development is in progress


Randall: Queries about the architecture of the service and consistency of components, particularly if the number of running services increases.

Andrew: where elements should behave similarly then in fact they already do.

Queries about the value of providing a CellML API integration service when a SEDML integration service exists. Decided this links back to last week's discussion on the scope of the CellML API. Deferred.


Andrew is now planning to build the MingW binaries for the API on the new Windows virtual machine IT has provisioned, rather than by continuing work on getting cross-compiled builds]]]]]] working


Randall: Try it with a Qt environment before making it available to Alan

Action Item 1: Andrew to make a small test program using a dll from the Qt creator environment (check handles raised exceptions, etc).


Andrew: Updating the installer for Windows to make use of MSVC10. Aiming for two build slaves 1) MSVC10 and 2) MinGW


Andrew: Think next should be 64 bit Linux for Allyson Lister and Alan Garny. Request also appeared for PowerPC.

Poul, Randall: PowerPC support not critical for now as identified user numbers too low to justify the development effort.

David: Should check implications of non PowerPC support for Antimony CellML support?

Randall: 32bit versus 64 bit Mac?

Alan requests 64 Mac OS, suggest to support that after 64 bit Linux

Andrew: Fat or single target binaries for Mac?

Deferred decision on that pending investigation

Andrew: cmake?

Extensive discussion on cmake, standaradisations and how people might prefer to build things

Andre: Can things be simplified by building intermediate source code once in Linux then shipping that with Windows source code?

Discussion on pros and cons of that idea

David: Have you seen the bug I logged this week with Telicem? It's blocking me

Action Item 2: Andrew to investigate/resolve said bug, then work on Windows build support

3) Core Specs


Breakaway for later called to discuss this

4) Repository Contributions


Mike: Added a set of models for the Virtual Bacterial Photography paper (Voigt lab) to assist with an educational initiative in the US.  Developed largely by a summer student with a little bit of polishing.


There was an extensive discussion about modelling tools and techniques, possible use of ModML and ontological-based methods for the construction of large, complex models.

5) PMR2 Development


Tommy: Investigating web service support. SOAP in Plone will be OK, REST support is iffy.


There was a discussion about what kind of users would like to use which technologies. General upshot is that REST is likely to be the technology of choice

Action Item 3: Tommy to email the discussion list for comments, and also bounce ideas off Duane Malcolm and Alan Garny

6) Additional Items


Possibility of hosting the 2012 CellML Workshop in Brisbane

Action Item 4: Mike to follow up on that possibility


Attendances at upcoming conferences (Combine, ICSB, ECMB) discussed.

Supplementary information:

EMBC (Boston) - Aug 30 - Sep 3 [http://embc2011.embs.org/]

ICSB (Heidelberg/Mannheim) - Aug 28 - Sep 1 [http://www.icsb-2011.net/]

ICSB 2011 Workshop 5: Standardized Model Description Language for Multi-Cellular Simulations Heidelberg, September 1 - 2, 2011 [http://tigacenter.bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de/icsb2011workshop.html]

COMBINE 2011 (Heidelberg) - Sep 3 - 7 [http://co.mbine.org/events/COMBINE_2011]