ABI CellML Meeting Minutes, 6th of April, 2011

Present: Randall Britten, David "Andre" Nickerson, Mike Cooling, Andrew Miller, Tommy Yu, Poul Nielsen

  • CellML API: Progress: Andrew has been working on getting the API to build on all platforms ahead of the release. Currently, what remains to be done is to fix a few remaining build issues on Windows and to fix some problems that come up when the tests are run through valgrind.
  • CellML Repository: Progress: Hanne Nielsen has added some new diagrams, and Tommy has made new exposures for those diagrams.
  • PMR2 development:
    • Discussion:
      • There was discussion of whether there should be an RSS feed to show all commits on all workspaces.
      • There was discussion about what to do with Tracker Item 2495, 'Download Link Unclear'. Consensus was that the feature should be deferred until the next release, but is still important.
    • Progress:
      • Tommy was planning to stage PMR 0.4 for testing, but it is not yet ready; it will be ready in a few days.
      • The WSGI functionality from Repoze is now in Zope, but there are still dependency issues that Tommy is working on before PMR2 can run on that version of Zope.
    • Planning:
      • Expired exposures are showing up in search. Action Item 1: Tommy to open tracker item to fix expired exposures that are coming up in the search.
      • Tommy will be away from the 14th of April to the 16th of May, during which time he is going to HARMONY. There was a discussion of what the obstacles for JUMMP and BioModels to adopt PMR2 as their platform were; Tommy plans to discuss this with people at HARMONY.
  • Workshop: Planning:
    • Andre presented a summary of the draft programme. Action Item 2: Andre to type up what he has and send it around.