ABI CellML Meeting Minutes, 16th February 2011

Present : Dougal Cowan, Andrew Miller, Poul Nielsen, Tommy Yu, David "Andre" Nickerson, (later) Mike Cooling

Apologies: Randall Britten

Last week's action items

1) Dougal - put the PAGANZ PKPD CellML tutorial handouts and files up on the website.

  • Awaiting final editing of the document.

2) Randall - create tracker item about the unit prefix bug in OpenCell.

  • Not done.

This week's agenda

1) ABI summer tutorials:CellML tutorial and PMR2 tutorial


  • Dougal: a room has been booked for the 7th, 8th, and 9th of March to hold these tutorials. Randall has made an email announcement.

2) CellML API - update


  • Andrew: continued working on the SPROS, which is probably 25% done.

3) CellML core specs - update


  • Poul: a breakaway meeting was held last week, where positive progress was made on handling typing and events. Another meeting should be held to go over Andrew's proposal.

4) Repository contributions - update


  • Dougal: exposed Hanne's hepatocyte model, Acikgoz et al. 2009. Does not appear to be coming up in the Hepatology keyword listing. [fixed - exposure was still private]
  • Andre: Shorojeet has fixed the Butera et al. 1999 model. Dougal has re-exposed this model.

5) PMR2 development - update


  • Tommy: worked this week on the Zinx viewer, using Alan and Duane's work (JSON style FieldML exposure). The renderer is added and staged, but installation does not work on a vanilla browser, due to a reliance on Firebug.

6) Additional items

  • Andre: a room is booked for the CellML workshop, but it has nowhere to eat. Arrangements are being made for somewhere to serve food. It would be good for ABI people to register.
  • Andre: a call has been issued for workshops and tutorials for ICSB. We have until the 15th of March to submit. The conference is at the end of August in Germany.
  • Dougal: Mike Cooling has put up his metadata spec drafts on the CellML site for comment and discussion.
  • There was a discussion about formats for specs and drafts - DocBook vs HTML vs other.
  • Mike: people can read these documents, and send their comments and suggestions to him by email. Mike will make the changes and put up a revised set of documents.
  • Poul: it is OK for this stage to proceed via Word documents and the website, but the specs should eventually be in DocBook for consistency.
  • There was a discussion about format conversion of the specs, and the creation of normative and informative versions.