ABI CellML Meeting Minutes, 26th May 2010

Present: Dougal Cowan, Justin Marsh, Andrew Miller, David "Andre" Nickerson, Tommy Yu, Sarala Wimalaratne, Randall Britten, Peter Hunter

Apologies: Poul Nielsen, Catherine Lloyd, Mike Cooling

This week's agenda:

1) Repository contributions - update

  • No update.

2) (Andre) Launching JSim applets for CellML models directly from exposure pages.

  • Andre reported that Erik Butterworth is willing to help someone to develop a view for PMR2 exposures that allows a user to download a model in JSim format, or to launch a JSim applet directly from the exposure page.
  • There was a discussion about what other views or apps should be supported for exposure pages.

3) PMR2 development - update

  • Tommy reported that release candidate 1 of PMR2 0.3 has been staged.
  • Andrew said that the PMR2 (DVCS in model repositories) paper discussion has almost been resolved. Andrew has yet to make any changes to the paper resulting from these discussions.

4) OpenCell development

  • Justin has enabled use of the IDA solver from within OpenCell - this is available in current snapshots.
  • Andre asked if anyone has tried the Saucerman model with this new feature.

Action item 1) Justin will test the Saucerman model and compare with the output of the MATLAB code.

5) CellML API - update

  • Andrew reported that initial values can now be given for rates, and that this feature is usable with the IDA solver.
  • There was a discussion about where this rate initial condition can be applied.
  • Andrew has spoken to Jonna about her (Guyton) model. She needs it to work without initial conditions being supplied, as these are very difficult to work out by hand. Her model works as individual modules if initial conditions are provided.
  • There was a discussion about the build environment installer. Andrew has got this working on his VM, having pre-installed Cygwin, MSVC and the SDK. Justin had previously got the installer working after only pre-installing Cygwin.
  • There was a discussion about the problems with getting the build environment/installer working on Windows.
  • Andrew has been given a Windows 7 VM by Matt, but it doesn't work at the moment (possibly 64bit).
  • Justin continues to work on getting the build environment working on Sarala's Win7 64bit machine.
  • Sarala said that she can wait perhaps up to three months for the build environment.
  • Randall asked if it is worth upgrading Andrew and Justin's hardware so that they can use Win7 64bit. It was agreed that they both need hardware upgrades.
  • Andre asked about possible Amazon hosting for a build slave machine - Randall said that they will probably go to ITS first in order to get a build slave hosted there.

6) CellML core specs - update

  • No update.

7) Metadata specifications (general, citations, graphing, simulation, other) - update

  • Andre mentioned that the release of SED-ML level 1 version 1 has been delayed, in order to fix a few issues.