ABI CellML Meeting Minutes 2009-07-08

ABI CellML Meeting minutes 2009-07-01

Present: Andrew Miller, Amir Shirkhani, David "Andre" Nickerson, Tommy Yu, Justin Marsh, Catherine Lloyd

Apologies: Peter Hunter, Poul Nielsen, Randall Britten, James Lawson

Last week's action items:

1) Tommy to make a list of models that lack "keyword" metadata.

  • Tommy gave James a metadata tool to facilitate this.

2) Randall to get the MATLAB converter onto the summer student list.

  • Randall has done this.

3) Randall to contact ITS about hosting for cellml.org.

  • Randall has done this.


This week's agenda:

1) IUPS preparation

  • A breakaway meeting has been called for this item.

2) PMR2 Update

  • Tommy is working on the transition to Mercurial version 1.3. This version of Mercurial has subrepo as a module, allowing for the possibility of nested workspaces without having to deal with Mercurial forest.
  • Peter Hunter has requested some specific pieces of integration with the euHeart database; Tommy is working on this.
  • A PMR2 tutorial with three student went ahead on Tuesday.

3) Repository Contributions

  • Catherine has continued to code up two models.
  • Jeelean has worked on a cell cycle model
  • James was working on validation of models in the repository

4) Website Redesign

  • Catherine has proofread the tutorials.
  • A list of changes has been sent to Dougal; he is working through these.
  • Andre has file tracker items about areas of the website which have broken markup.
  • A number of the errors were introduced by how the HTML editor in the site is being used.
  • Catherine has also mentioned Safari specific rendering bugs.
  • Dougal is checking the website under all major browsers, and is setting up checks for broken links.

5) OpenCell updates

  • Justin has been working on a branch with changes that depend on a prerelease version of xulrunner. This branch deals with Tracker Items 230 and 126.

6) CellML API updates

  • Andrew has implemented QueryInterface in the Java binding. This fixes Tracker Item 1821.
  • Andrew noted that we have very little in the way of automatic tests for the Java bindings.
  • Amir has been getting up to speed with the CellML API build process and internals.

7) CellML Specifications

  • No update.