ABI CellML Meeting minutes 2009-05-27

Present: Dougal Cowan, Mike Cooling, David "Andre" Nickerson, Andrew Miller, Randall Britten, Tommy Yu, Poul Nielsen, James Lawson, Catherine Lloyd.
Apologies: Justin Marsh, Peter Hunter

This week's agenda:

1) Bangalore conference, Nov 19-21
  • Randall reported that he has been emailed the details of a conference on multiscale modeling. Accomodation and flights for one person is paid for. Randall will email the details to anyone who is interested.

2) Repository contributions - update
  • James has continued to update curation statuses and make other small fixes to models. He is up to around C in the alphabetical listing.
  • Catherine has found some complex issues to do with fixing units in some electrophysiology models. COR reports no unit issues, whereas OpenCell is reporting issues. Alan Garny says these OpenCell issues are nonsense. See tracker item 1734.
  • André suggested using JSim to test for unit issues.
  • Andrew will have a look at the CellML API validation service to try to track down the problem.
  • It was agreed that rather than distract Andrew from completing the build system re-instantiation, James and Catherine would use JSim to double check units discrepancies.

3) CellML Specs - update
  • Randall asked if it was possible to schedule a breakaway meeting about this some time this week.
  • Friday 11am was agreed upon.

4) CellML API - update
  • Andrew has converted the CellML and OpenCell repositories from Subversion and into Mercurial, which are now up on BitBucket.
  • André asked what is being done about getting the name of the community, rather than of one developer, in the repository URIs
  • Randall has sent a request to Sourceforge. Randall asked if anyone could see any problems with using Mercurial on Sourceforge; no problems were known.

5) OpenCell development - update
  • Andrew has committed the tree view/RDF changes to a branch.
  • There was a discussion of snapshot hosting. It was agreed to continue to use SVN to host snapshots.
  • Randall has organized a chat to Sarala on Friday about the Java bindings.

6) PMR2 update
  • Tommy has fixed a major blocker to do with code generation.
Action item 1) James to test this use case again.
  • Randall said that ITS should have hosting available by early next week. There are details of this in the deployment tracker item 1770.
  • André said that he thinks we need to publish more papers. Randall suggested waiting a year and then publishing a paper on what is discovered about the usage of PMR2. André said that we should publish many small papers as well.
  • Catherine said that there have been questions such as "is there a CellML to SBML paper?"
  • Poul said that there is no paper on the API - it would be sensible to write one (or several).
  • James mentioned Adam Reeve's MATLAB to CellML work as a candidate for a paper, if Adam is interested.

7) Website redesign - update
  • James asked whether we are going to deploy the new site locally or on ITS?
  • Randall needs to talk to ABI IT about this.
  • There was agreement that cellml.org should ideally be hosted at ITS.
  • James said that all the old content is up on the new site, and styled.
Action item 2) Poul to email the website working group with his comments on the site so far.
  • There was a discussion about the CellML logo.

8) Additional items
  • Catherine mentioned the CellML Google calendar, encouraging people to use it.
  • Catherine asked about progress on Saint. Matt, Catherine and Mike replied to the "user questionnaire".