ABI Meeting minutes 2009-03-04

ABI Meeting minutes 2009-03-04

Present: Michael Backhaus, James Lawson, Catherine Lloyd, Justin Marsh, Andrew Miller, Poul Nielsen, Tommy Yu.

Apologies: Randall Britten, Dougal Cowan

Action Items from last week were carried forward.

1) Planning discussion for Auckland contribution to openCell 0.7 and CellML API 1.7.

There will be a meeting via Skype with Alan Garny about this on Friday, at 10am.

Action Item 1) Catherine to inform other people who may be interested in attending.

2) Kidney model in CellML 1.2.  Should discrete time models be within the scope of CellML?

This was moved forward. There was a breakaway meeting discussing the scope of CellML 1.2.

Ordinary Business

3) Repository Contributions

James and Tommy worked on migration of data.

Tommy - There is a lot of broken rdf in the repository.

Catherine raised the issue of a script to convert e-notation in constant nodes.

Jeelean was continuing work on cell cycle models.

Pulashti was continuing work creating diagrams for models in the repository.

Catherine added a cardiac model for Penny; the Malecek model. She also sorted out the Kongas 2000 model, shifting it from the legacy repository to the current repository. Catherine also has the code for the Kidney model.

4) Website redesign

There was no meeting this week due to the CellML tutorial.

Justin talked with Gareth about the tools page.

A decision needs to be made about templates soon.

Action Item 2) James to create a past contributors/team members page, and update the team and past contributors pages. This will involve checking with Jonna as to whether she is part of the team.

Action Item 3) Catherine to send James the new profile pictures.

James has been turning some CellML tutorials into a form that can be posted on the website.

5) PMR2 progress

Tommy Yu has been working on a CellML migrator. This includes a tool to correct the metadata damaged by 4suite.

The documentation can be separated from the CellML files in PMR2. Tommy promises magic.

6) openCell update

Andrew Miller has been working on the syntax highlighting text editor. He has written a native component for parts of this, but is still running into performance problems. It is much more usable than the previous xml editor already, though.

Justin Marsh has worked on Tracker Item 1597 and 1529.

Release candidate 1 of PCEnv 0.6 has also been released; no problems have been identified with it.

7) CellML API update

Adam Reeve merged his work on CeLEDS into the trunk.

Release candidate 1 of the CellML API 1.6 has also been released; no problems have been identified with it.

8) CellML Specifications update

a) Metadata update

No update this week.

b) General update

No update this week.