ABI Meeting minutes 2008-10-15

Present: Dougal Cowan, Tommy Yu, Catherine Lloyd, Andrew Miller, Poul Nielsen, Michael Backhaus, James Lawson, Justin Marsh
Apologies: Peter Schmiedeskamp, Jonna Terkildsen, Mike Cooling, Peter Hunter.

Last week's action items:

1) James to create a tracker item to discuss copyright issues on the website.
  • Done.
2) Peter Hunter suggested that James write a relatively detailed roadmap of tasks, with a completion date of the CellML meeting next year. People assigned to tasks should be part of this roadmap.
  • James has been doing research towards this, and should be done in a few days.
Action item still open.
3) Randall to create a tracker item about the exponential issues/scripts.
  • Done.

This week's agenda:

1) Initial planning for Auckland/Oxford contribution to PCEnv 0.6 and CellML api 1.6
  • Randall brought a list of tracker items representing features to be added to PCEnv.
  • A Mac version is seen as top priority.
  • A discussion is required to decide on priority for features; this needs to include other PCEnv users, and Alan Garny.
  • James' top pick for 0.6 is metadata editors.
  • Andrew started a discussion on the RDF "triples view".
  • There was extensive discussion of the merits of adding a tabular view of RDF triples.  Randall suggested that a view of the metadata might not be very useful without some way of using it to navigate the model.
  • Michael suggested a filtered or searched graph generator that centers on the selected object, for example.
  • Graph views widely seen as unwieldy and messy - see W3C graph viewer.
  • Catherine and Poul said that any discussion must include Sarala.
  • James would like to see some kind of way of editing/viewing the metadata from the tree view panel.  Justin suggested a "more than complete CellML view" that could include such "metadata elements".
  • It was decided to continue the discussion on Friday, during the planned meeting with Alan Garny.\

2) PCEnv progress update
  • PCEnv 0.5 to be released today.

3) CellML API progress update
  • Andrew reported that the API is completing almost all the parsing tests, except test 12.
  • Test 12 fails due to base URLs; should be a trivial fix.
  • Aim to pass entire suite except XML normalization.

4) CellML Spec progress update
  • No update

5) Update on repository contributions
  • Catherine has got the Teusink glycolysis model working, with help from the Manchester group.  And there was much rejoicing.
  • Catherine has curated the Ueda circadian rhythm model.
  • James has created a number of circadian rhythm session files.
  • The full circadian rhythm set is almost done.

6) PMR2 update.
  • Tommy has started on the Plone side, making buildouts etc for the PMR2 final alpha.
  • James raised the possibility of the visual design of the PMR2 pages needing to be planned.
  • As the object model is not compete, the interface can not be designed yet.

7) Time permitting: Updates or additional items from volunteering attendees
  • Catherine announced that the cellml.org wireframes are to be sent out for comment.
  • Andrew suggested that the CellML community needs to be involved in this process.
  • James suggested that at the end of the wireframe stage, the community could be asked for feedback and suggestions.