Meeting Minutes 05 December 2007

Present: Randall Britten, Sarala Dissanayake, James Lawson, Catherine Lloyd, Justin Marsh, Poul Nielsen, Andrew Miller, Tommy Yu

Review of last week's action items

  • Catherine will create tracker item (for the document for deprecation of reaction elements).

    • She noted that Andre already made this item earlier this year.

    • There was a discussion on the current practices of removal of reaction elements. Catherine noted that the current way is to give the element a cmeta:id and use dc:terms in the rdf metadata, but this is not elegant enough. Ideally there should be tags defined.

      • Sarala also has metadata for this, but she keeps it in a file outside of the CellML in OWL format, but she did note that it should be included in the CellML file as regular metadata so other users can see it.

      • Poul and Sarala will have a meeting relating to deprecation of reaction elements.

  • Tommy to create a quick links section and point to PCEnv.

    • Tommy has chatted with Gareth about this and Gareth got together with James to discussed this and the general issue about the content of the CellML website. The quick links issue can placed in the tracker.

    • On the topic of redesign, Poul would like to be in the loop. Randall pointed out that someone will need to put together a plan for the redesign, which will included quick links section on the front page.

      • Action item: James will look into the website redesign with Tommy.

    • As for the repository, it may be nice to clarify how the curation standards work. The stars is agreed to be too confusing.

      • Randall pointed out that the curation flags will address that issue.

      • One suggestion to reduce the clutter of the 'run model' interface was to use a combo box (or drop-down selector) for user to select the appropriate software and a 'run' button.

      • Another is to group the downloads together in a more apparent way.

      • Poul suggests that the text should really say 'solve model'.

        • Action item: Tommy to look into all of these suggestions for the download page for the repository.

  • Randall to check with ABI IT regarding getting PCEnv its own domain name.

    • ABI is not to keen on this idea and in the light of the uncertainty of the future name of PCEnv, and the fact that the quick links section (when it goes up on the front page) could partially address this, the domain name idea is shelved for now.

  • Tommy will create this directory (for CellML 1.1 models on the CellML website)

    • This has been completed, and Catherine has notified Jonna about it.

  • Andrew will check relevant minutes (for the exact thoughts of the CellML 1.0 authors on the correct definition of an identifier).

    • Andrew was unable to find the relevant meeting minutes because they do not go far back enough.

    • Poul has an idea where that might be.

      • Action item: Poul to find and check on those old meeting minutes.

  • Andrew will try to create an easier way for his work on the spec to be viewed.

    • Andrew has completed this task.

    • James pointed out that it could be nice to link this from the site.

    • Randall suggests that we could also put some sort of todo list of what we are doing on the CellML site under each members' individual folders, much like some other projects.

    • Alternately we could use the tracker.

    • However if we keep both the website and the tracker up to date, we would have double entry and it should be avoided.

      • Action item: James will put up an example 'current development' page in his member's directory.

      • We will eventually need a section for tracking CellML 1.2 development.


CellML workshop/meeting 2008

  • Catherine contacted Andre and learned from him on how he arranged the workshop last year. Got a list of people to contact from him and the contributors list on the website and contacted them via email.

    • Venue is booked and date is set, just need a programme.

Update on PMR2

  • Tommy had a meeting with Duane, Randall and Poul on Monday to get an idea on what Duane is doing, which would be an RDF store that will index, associate, search and link metadata of objects and find relationship between them. This will be useful for CellML models also and when the time is right they will be working together.

Updates on PCEnv 0.3

  • Justin noted that the release candidate two has had no issues and it was released as 0.3, but he has not announced it on the mailing list, but will do so shortly.