Meeting Minutes 28 November 2007

Present: Randall Britten, James Lawson, Catherine Lloyd, Justin Marsh, Poul Nielsen, Andrew Miller, Tommy Yu

Apologies: Peter Hunter

Review of last week's action items

  • Catherine will take a look at writing the documentation to remove reaction elements and to provide examples/best practices.

    • Catherine noted Sarala is still quite stressed. Will use the tracker to deal with this issue rather than raising it in meetings.

    • Action item: Catherine will create tracker item.

  • Randall to email Matt, asking him on the readiness of deployment of Plone 3

    • Randall noted that Matt has made a commit to the subversion repository to turn deployment script into development, and will confirm with him that it is ready for Tommy to take over.


Publicity of PCEnv

  • On the mailing list Alan Garny suggested that PCEnv is to have its own site and have a better name to gain more prominence.

  • Unify PCEnv with Cmgui (and even COR) may be discussed in the workshop, possibly along with the above point.

  • James was going to rewrite the overview page to point people to PCEnv.

    • Action item: Tommy to create a quick links section and point to PCEnv.

    • Action item: Randall to check with ABI IT regarding getting PCEnv its own domain name.

CellML workshop/meeting 2008

  • Date is now set at 26 March 2008, which would be one day before the conference at Waiheke

    • The agenda will be tight, need to schedule what to do and what needs to be presented.

    • Taishin Nomura has a Physiome meeting in Japan at around the same time, meaning the Japanese groups may not be attending this year.

Stable URI for Jonna's CellML 1.1 models

  • Solution was to create a directory on the root level of the site, and redirect them to the final repository when it is completed.

    • Action item: Tommy will create this directory (/models_1.1)

Update on CellML 1.2 progress

  • There has been discussion on the CellML identifier name rules specified in the 1.1 spec. The EBNF notation differs subtly from the plain English wording.

    • The English implies that if the identifier begins with an underscore (or multiples of underscores) a digit may follow

    • However in the published EBNF notation this cannot be done, as a letter must come before any digit characters.

    • Need to look back at the meeting minutes from the time the specification was drafted to confirm the thoughts of the authors.

      • Action item: Andrew will check relevant minutes.
      • Action item: Andrew will try to create an easier way for his work on the spec to be viewed.
  • It will be nice to have a web view or an RSS feed of the current specification document as it progresses.

Update on PMR2

  • Tommy is looking at Zope schemas, and see how that could use less of Plone.

  • Mercurial may be a better candidate for the back end due to it being written in Python, thereby offering better integration with Zope.

Updates on PCEnv 0.3

  • Justin noted that the release candidate two is released, and if no major issues are found before next Monday it will be the PCEnv 0.3 release.