Meeting Minutes 31 October 2007

Present: Randall Britten, Sarala Dissanayake, James Lawson, Catherine Lloyd, Justin Marsh, Andrew Miller, Tommy Yu

Apologies: Poul Nielsen

Review of last week's action items:

2007-10-24-1: James will get status update from Matt when he's done with that.

  • Still pending Matt's reply.

  • Action item #1: James will write back later this week if there are still no response from him.

2007-10-24-2: Catherine will write emails addressed to those people for updates.

  • Catherine will wait until Peter returns before going ahead with that, to prevent unnecessarily bothering people too much.

2007-10-24-3: Randall to follow up on the status and location of Sarala's diagrams.

  • Diagrams were found by Sarala after the email, but still wasn't sure how well the diagrams will apply as they are really for her work.

  • James learned about the diagrams made by Peter Villiger; he made them two years ago and they are in SVG format. They relate to CellML and there are diagrams that James was going to build.

2007-10-24-4: Tommy will look into using Git as new backend.

  • Git seems to be a better choice than Subversion. A prototype repository (a model of sort) will be built in some time.


Update on CellML 1.1.1 and 1.2

  • There was a discussion on whether duplicate connection should be allowed or not.

    • James noted a model with duplicate connection between two different components (with links from A to B then from B to A) was broken in PCEnv. The model was no longer broken after the one of the connection was removed.
    • However there are models with components that should be represented with pairs of connections of this nature.
    • It should be allowed between components but not variables.

  • The documents (such as migrating away from reaction elements) are still in progress.

Update on the Physiome Model Repository for CellML 1.1

  • Not much. Tommy is still looking into how Git fits into the picture and is using that to build a basic model of the repository.

  • Plone 3 update should still be in progress.

  • Action item #2: Randall will follow up with Matt about Plone 3 upgrade.

Update on PCEnv 0.3 progress

  • Andrew and Justin resolved a number of issues, there are only six tracker items that are not feature requests remain.

  • Justin will help James out with the snapshot generation script to build PCEnv snapshot for his needs.

  • XML editor will be in PCEnv 0.3 as the issues have been resolved.

Updates from everyone

  • Sarala has been working with models along with Catherine.

  • James has been doing research into BioBricks, and is looking into how CellML can apply within that field.