Meeting Minutes 17 October 2007

Present: Randall Britten, Sarala Dissanayake, James Lawson, Catherine Lloyd, Justin Marsh, Andrew Miller, Poul Nielsen, Tommy Yu

Apologies: Matt Halstead

Review of last week's action items:

2007-10-10-1: Redirection page is up as a notice to users that content is obsolete by new repository.

2007-10-10-2: The meeting has not happened yet.

  • Action item 1: James to reschedule the meeting with Matt

2007-10-10-3: It was found that formulator does not seem to suit the needs of CellML due to its MathML generation, and its proprietary nature.

2007-10-10-4: Catherine hasn't got the list yet, but she got the CellML related efforts and publication pages updated. She also emailed the discussion list for more updates on this, and Alan Garny responded with items to amend onto the site.

Main Agenda

Reaction element and CellML 1.1.1

  • Catherine: writing documentation on how/why we are deprecating reaction elements, and has had discussion with Poul.

  • Poul asked Sarala to track down the diagrams that she made over the past year.

  • Andrew has been through the CellML specification, and has noted omissions that could be fixed.


  • Andrew worked with Peter Schmiedeskamp in setting Bugzilla up on the live URI (, but it has been placed in a testing mode due to people outside the university firewall weren't able to access it. ITS will be opening the port but it was decided that we stop the testing mode and bring it live anyway. ITS will be opening the port soon.

James on community building

  • How to make community use the site more

    • There is a need to direct users of the site to where the bulk of the content is (i.e. repository)

    • Main page could use more relevant text, could be more direct in pointing to visitors on where to go

  • Why do people heavily involved with the CellML project are not using resources available on the site

    • Certain features are confusing and/or broken, or hard to use

    • It was suggested that a ticket could be opened on the tracker to keep track of these usability issues.

  • A look at peer sites

    • One makes periodical releases, thus it's not dynamic, meant not much community but a close loop effort.

  • To remedy these problems, first thing is to draw up on what we have and update the content.

    • Gareth is developing an information architecture

      • Need to know what content we need to put up on the site

      • What kind of audience we are trying to capture

      • Make the site easier to navigate

PCEnv for Mac

  • Snapshots built have been built, but could use some more testing as there are Mac users.

Discussion on moving PMR to support CellML 1.1

  • Still waiting on getting Plone 3 ready

  • Still need decision on a good backend.

    • Tommy suggested that the CellML repository isn't any different from a repository that manages software code, and suggests Subversion as a possible back end storage

    • Randall suggested that Subversion be used initially as a test and be used with Plone 3 as the front end, even though the resulting product may be throwaway code, but it will give an idea on how feasible that is.


  • Justin is going through the tracker items and going through Andrew codebase

  • Randall built a model that aims to demonstrate imports very simply