Meeting Minutes 10 October 2007

Present: Randall Britten, Sarala Dissanayake, Matt Halstead (speakerphone), James Lawson, Catherine Lloyd, Justin Marsh, Andrew Miller, Poul Nielsen, Tommy Yu

Review of last week's action items:

2007-10-03-1: Tommy still needs to put up the redirection page to redirect sites going to the previous repository to the current one.

  • Action item #1: Tommy will put up the redirection page.

2007-10-03-2: James met with Sarala but not Matt, had a good chat about creating SVG diagram with Catherine, Sarala and Peter Villager about replacing reaction elements.

    • Action item #2: James will figure out what metadata to add.

    • Discussion on converting reaction elements using fluxes vs added fluxes.

      • Further discussion on this deferred to tomorrow noon.

2007-10-03-3: Andrew created tracker item about multivar root solver.

2007-10-03-4: Poul checked out the Hermitech product about creating content/presentation MathML.

    • conclusion was that it is a pretty good and complete product, supports nearly all elements

    • downside was Windows only.

    • Peter has been in touch with them on, or will be in touch.

    • It will be best if we can encourage them to collaborate with us

    • Action item #3: Catherine will get Jonna to evaluate the product to see if she likes it, and if she does link on the tools page.


  • Consistency between different physiome sites was discussed, and there will be another discussion on this. It also has to do with the unified tracker.

  • It was noted that Peter has expressed an interest to several people at the meeting in creating an example session file with an embedded SVG diagram that interacts with PCEnv graphs via its Javascript-accessible public API. This still needs further discussion.

  • Catherine updated the CellML website, she noted that there are lots of groups not there but are collaborators.

    • Action item #4: Catherine will get a list of members on the cellml-discussion mailing list from Tommy, and look through this to identify people / groups who might want to be added to the CellML Collaborators page.

  • James described is initial research into developing as a focal point for the community

    • Ideally we should open registration on the website to the public to build this community.

    • However issues such as spam will need to be addressed. Andrew suggested if we open up the community to non-supervised subscription that we would have to set up an automated change notification system. Someone would monitor it and moderate the content being put on the site to ensure that people are not using it as a host for non-CellML related content.

    • A system of user permissions should be investigated.
    • James will talk to Gareth to begin this process.


  • Sarala has been working on her thesis.

  • Matt

    • Made much progress in getting Plone 3 going

    • Got the repository cleaned up even more, especially the stuff that's not there. Also cleaned up the submit model process

    • Randall suggested that IT be in the loop for getting the new Zope/Plone up and running.