Meeting Minutes 26 September 2007

Present: Randall Britten, Catherine Lloyd, Andrew Miller, Poul Nielsen, Tommy Yu

Apologies: Matt Halstead, Peter Hunter, James Lawson

Review of last week's action items:

  • Action Item 2007-09-19-1: The meeting about CCGS on the Plone site has been arranged but is yet to happen

    • Matt suggested that we should discuss this via email (in his email)

    • A breakaway meeting did some brief discussion on that.

  • Action Item 2007-09-19-2: Randall had a discussion with Gareth about Plone upgrade.

    • There will be a migration to Plone 2.5

      • New Action Item #1: Tommy will need to sort out timeframe to upgrade to 2.5 with Matt, and a tracker item be created for this with hours estimation

  • Action Item 2007-09-19-3: Randall had looked at the total amount of pages in the main site and guessed it would take three people about a day to go through every page.

    • Catherine pointed out that within the repository, the many model pages have broken links.

      • New Action Item #2: Catherine will also go through the site later to find broken links

    • Many external sites and publication point to the old repository instead of new one

    • Poul suggested that a redirect page be put into place to let people know the new repository exists and redirect users there after five seconds, but yet let them visit the old repository if they choose to.

  • Action Item 2007-09-19-4: James created a tracker item assigned to him to create the summary.

  • Action Item 2007-09-19-5: Randall has created a 'Community' product in the tracker to hold such tracker items.

  • Action Item 2007-09-19-6: Poul has already emailed Matt for status update, he is in process of migrating the site to Plone 3.

      • New Action Item #4: Poul will get an update on the status of the requirements document.
  • Action Item 2007-09-19-7: James added a tracker item to remind him to make a proposal on ways to improve external involvement.

Discussion of agenda items:

  • Randall raised the issue of the discussion of separation of tasks.

    • Issue was having Tommy just taking care of the repository and having Matt just taking care of the rest of the site may not be best since Tommy has the skill to take care of other parts also.

    • Tommy said this was probably done more for the porting the site and related infrastructure to Plone 2.5, where Matt has more expertise in dealing with the whole site.

    • It was agreed that this separation be limited to just the porting process.

  • Updates from everyone

    • Randall had a discussion with the IT group on opening ports to the tracker, and have met some resistance in getting this done. Also worked on recruitment and arranging IT’s deployment of live Bugzilla tracker.

    • Catherine had kept on correcting models, but is stuck on the Saucerman-McCulloch model; the problem is that it has systems of algebraic differential equations that need to be solved but existing software cannot solve them. However the CellML expressing the model is correct and is in a much better shape than it was.

    • Andrew worked on an editor view within PCEnv for XML, which enables the highlighting of XML for selected components. However it is currently quite slow and so it may be rewritten in C++. Poul asked if any standard Mozilla components existed for XML syntax highlighting.  Andrew said he thought it cannot, and it is unlikely that we could use Mozilla's "view source" to perform syntax highlighting for us, but he would look into it.  Randall said he thought "view source" did do syntax highlighting.

    • Tommy had his workstation's filesystem crashed Monday, but he has rebuilt another Plone instance to start working on getting the CCGS on Plone to use the same CellML API as PCEnv 0.2.

    • Poul has worked on a review paper with Alan.

  • There is an issue with the CellML 1.1 specification paper

    • New Action item #5: Catherine will write up the steps to describe how to recode models with reaction elements into ones without in some sort of documentation.