Meeting Minutes 22 January 2007

Meeting Minutes 22 January 2007
Present: Sarala Dissanayake, Peter Hunter, Poul Nielsen, Jonna Terkildsen, Tommy Yu

Peter noted that Andrew has finished XPcom/Corba-free PCEnv, and file saving should work. Jonna noted that the latest version downloaded from FTP does not support that. Tommy will look into SVN for latest version. Peter also noted that there should be more than one person with knowledge of PCEnv, and he also has a list of bugs from Oxford. XULrunner should be able to load CellML file from command line to allow a web browser to open PCEnv from a link. That will need to be tested with the repository.

Andrew will return 14 February, and he will spend the three weeks before the start of his Phd. to improve the UI of PCEnv.

Last Wednesday there was a meeting beween Gareth, Mike, Matt, Peter and Tommy about the future of the CellML and Physiome website. It was determined that Gareth will continue to maintain the infrastructure, with Tommy looking over his shoulders to learn. Mike's site-tools will be used to create snapshots and help maintain the sites, with CellML acting as a standalone site but on top or along side with the rest of the Physiome sites. There will also be another meeting this coming Wednesday where Matt will introduce that tool.

Sarala is currently working with and building Biopax models, however she has encountered difficulties with the incompatibilities between Biopax level 2 and 3. She also noted that the proposed SBGN (System Biology Graphical Notation) glyph set contains too much information and they should be split.

The CellML workshop is being planned for the weekend before Easter.

Richard Gray of BME at The University of Alabama, Birmingham, is interested in using CellML as a teaching tool, where students will start from a publish model, code it into CellML and learn from the model. There is a need to get the repository working properly to facilitate coding, curation, uploading and reference description working nicely.