Meeting Minutes 18th December 2006

Meeting Minutes18th December 2006
Present: Alan Garny, Jonna Terkildsen, Tommy Yu, Poul Nielsen, Andrew Miller

Andrew noted that he had been working on getting the Borland C++ compiler working. There had been some issues so far, and more work will be required. The compiler does now make it through configure.

The group then discussed the list of priorities for the CellML API, and for PCEnv.

It was agreed that the highest priority should be to get the Borland C++ compile working, followed by getting a non-CORBA XPCOM binding working (and also the MSVC8 port, so that the Windows build will continue to work). After this, the Java binding is also a high priority. It was decided that threadsafety and code generation were not high priorities.

Licensing was briefly discussed, and it was decided that the current status quo (tri-licensed under GPL + LGPL + MPL) would be sufficient to allow third-parties to use the code.

The consensus was that the graphical usability improvements in PCEnv were not generally as high a priority, as the don't affect the ability of users to make use of PCEnv. However,  saving models from PCEnv, export to CSV, and storing all simulation information in metadata are high priority.

The consensus was that the 0.2 branch of PCEnv should be started after saving and the metadata issues are fixed.