Meeting Minutes 20th November 2006

Meeting Minutes 20th November 2006
Present: Sarala Dissanayake, Peter Hunter, Shane Blackett, Matt Halstead, Jonna Terkildsen, Andrew Miller

Andrew asked for opinions on the MathML editing syntax that was sent to the list earlier. Most people were not familiar with the notation used by bison, and so couldn't comment on the grammar. The group decided that the best approach would be to develop a series of examples, and send them as questions on alternative syntax to the mailing list.

There was some discussion about what the MathML editing syntax transformation should do with brackets. The group believed that brackets should not prevent the merging of many identical binary operators into an n-ary operator when possible. When converting into the MathML editing syntax, the group believed that minimal brackets should be used. However, they suggested that this question be put to the mailing list.

Matt has been working on a roadmap wiki page, which has both short-term and long-term goals for the CellML project. One item in the roadmap is to sort out the regression tests (and create a suite of unit-test CellML models).

Jonna has representing 3 basic calcium transport models in CellML, and plans to use imports to combine them into models. She has been testing these with PCEnv. Peter is keen for her to feed back any problems that arise from these models to the group, to help with tool development.

Peter Villiger forwarded an e-mail to the CellML mailing list from someone who wanted us to code one of their models into CellML for them. Peter Hunter will follow up with them.

Sarala has been trying to use BioPax Level 3 (which adds protein states). There are no official examples of this yet. Sarala has sent in some examples she created to the Biopax group.

Peter Hunter noted that he was going to be speaking to Gill Dobie (who is involved in the organisation of the Very Large Databases conference) from computer science about integration of the PathCase with CellML. Matt and Sarala will look into the PathCase software.