Meeting Minutes 25th September 2006

Meeting Minutes 25th September 2006
Present: Poul Nielsen, Shane Blackett, Tommy Yu, Andrew Miller

Poul: Peter has been in touch with Steve McKeever and Jonathan Cooper regarding the possibility of putting the units validation code into PCEnv. Andrew noted that the code was currently in Python, and not using the CellML API (which Peter forwarded on to Steve and Jonathan). Jonathan noted that he will be publishing a paper describing his algorithms in the near future, and Steve mentioned that this might be a suitable project for one of his master's students. Poul suggested that we could also re-implement Jonathan's algorithms in C++ at the institute.

Peter has also asked Poul and Tommy about the status of the code generating mathematics in PDF. Tommy has got an initial implementation working, although it translates MathML => LaTeX => PDF. There was some discussion about other options, one of which would be to go Content MathML => Presentation MathML, and then translate presentational MathML to postscript using the MathML code from Mozilla.

Peter has also received a query from someone with a cellular physiology background regarding the biological modelling job. Poul will follow up on this.

Shane: Has been building ITK on MingW, to do this he has had to get familiar with cmake. With help from Andrew, he has got mozCmgui working on Win32. He is also looking into getting public keys so our cmgui example pages can get signed.

Andrew: Has finished the code to translate from simulation information in the UI back to the simulation metadata, and has also written the code to take graph metadata and populate the UI with it. This means that the Linux build is more or less ready to ship now, and all that remains is getting it to work on other platforms.

Everything now builds on Win32 and OSX, but still issues getting it to work. The Win32 build needs Mozilla to be rebuilt, as the trunk version it was based on seems to have broken menus. This will get upgraded as soon as the Win32 system becomes available again. There have also been issues getting automated debug builds to work, due to a bug in Microsoft's C++ compiler, which means things don't work properly when public keys are used to log in.

Andrew has also been trying to get the OSX build to work, but got back to the issue where a dialog box pops up which cannot be read. He will be working on fixing this soon.

Poul has been working on some chapters of a book on CellML.