Meeting Minutes 14th August 2006

Meeting Minutes 14th August 2006
Present: Poul Nielsen, Andrew Miller, Tommy Yu, Shane Blackett, Peter Hunter

Poul noted that there had been some discussion of the content MathML editor on the mailing list.
Shane was keen for a version which just supports integration of models to be released first.

Poul noted that the jobs have not yet been graded.

Andrew has made some more progress on the model tree view in PCEnv. During this, he has encountered a bug in Mozilla, which someone else is already working on.
One of Andrew's Mozilla patches (relating to stack resizing) is currently waiting on debate over the stack resizing to complete.
Andrew has had some correspondence with Alan Garny, who was keen for there to be another view, other than the model tree view.
There was some discussion of how this related to Sarala's work.

Tommy is still looking at the repository code. He has discovered that some exceptions are not caught, so should be converted into better error messages.

Peter is keen for the editor to be released soon, prior to support for editing to be completed. However, he feels that support for getting integration parameters from the website is important. Andrew noted that the CellML API does not yet support a proper RDF API. Several options were discussed:
1) Use the serialised RDF/XML option from the CellML API, and put this into the Mozilla RDF API.
2) Have specially named components in the model, which contain integration parameters in specially named variables.
3) Require that the RDF/XML represent valid RDF, but be formatted in a special way, and just use the DOM API to process it.
Shane expressed concern that the use of tools might make option 3 difficult, although we could use the format that happens to be produced by 4Suite.

Andrew will work with Andre to agree on a good RDF specification for model metadata.

Tommy will put the remaining models from Andre and Penny Noble into the repository. These models mainly need RDF fixes.

Peter made a list of software, which was mainly intended to guide new people on what tools we are using. He doesn't think the list should be a high priority.

Shane has found the mozCmgui no longer compiles with latest the XPCORBA, when using the trunk. He has been in touch with Carey (who has fixed it to support trunk), but we still need to support the 1_8_0 branch of Mozilla used to produce Firefox 1.5.x and 1_8 branch used for Firefox 2.0 when it comes out.

Tommy has been made the administrator of most of the lists, and Andrew is listed as the administrator for team-cellml. Andrew hasn't been able to administrate the lists, because he doesn't have the team-cellml password. He has sent an e-mail to Andrew Cantell about a week and a half ago, but hasn't got any response. This will be sorted out soon.