Meeting Minutes 7th August 2006

Meeting Minutes 24th July 2006
Present: Poul Nielsen, Shane Blackett, Andrew Miller, Tommy Yu

Some of the Mozilla patches have been committed, but there is still some work required to get the stack layout patch (needed to get trees working for the model tree view control) accepted.

The MIME type has been approved by the IESG, and is now waiting for the announcement, which will cause publication of the RFC by the RFC editor, and addition of the MIME type into the IANA database.

Some progress has been made on the PCEnv, with work towards making the Model Tree View editable.

A few minor bugs in the CellML DOM API have been fixed as a result of e-mail correspondence regarding those bugs with Andre.

There has been some correspondence with Alarn Garny. Alan is not yet convinced about the merits of using the Mozilla platform for CellML tool development.

Shane: Asked about the tool development list that Matt had released through Peter. Poul believed that the list exists mainly to guide potential contributors. Shane agreed with Andrew's suggestion on the mailing list that it should be moved to a wiki page, and suggested that it should also include more than one option (for example, listing both emacs and vi) rather than promoting one option over the other.

There was also discussion about which tracker should be used. The merits of PCNG, trac were discussed, although no final consensus was reached about whether we should fix the bugs in PCNG, or move to another platform and try to migrate the data.

Tommy: Has been working on upload the new models from Andre / Penny Noble's group into the repository with mixed success (some of them need the RDF to be fixed).

Poul met with Visconti (who is promoting the European Physiome Project) while at Munich. The project is currently lobbying to receive funding. Visconti is keen for funding / effort to be put into developing CellML.

Peter gave a plenary lecture at Munich, about half of which was spent discussing CellML and its integration into CMISS.

Marty presented Andre's talk on the integration of electrophysiological models into CMISS (to an audience of about 30).

The two remaining positions have been trimmed down into a single position (a repository curator position, following on from Peter Villiger's work). The position has now been graded, and will be advertised soon.