Meeting Minutes 25th May 2006

Meeting Minutes 18th May 2006
Present: Dong Zhang, Poul Nielsen, Peter Villiger, Carey Stevens, Shane Blackett, Peter Hunter, David (Andre) Nickerson,  Andrew Miller

Shane: Has been updating cmgui to support computed fields.
Carey: Has created an about box in mozCmgui.
Peter Villiger: Has been working on the Bindschadler model, runs slowly under mozCellML.

Andrew: Has created a CellML 1.1 errata page noting that the units formula is the wrong way around, and that metre and meter are supposed to be derived units so dimensionally consistent.
Consensus was that aliasing was ugly, and so derived units were the best way to go.
Poul: Was at the SBML meeting which discussed that, and believes they also chose to make meter a derived unit of metre.

Andrew: Has submitted Mozilla bug/feature request about splitters only collapsing in one direction. Asked whether we should write a patch.
Carey: Believes that without a patch, it won't happen.
Andrew noted that it will probably never get into the Firefox 1.5.0.* or 1.5.1.* series, and could be a long way off.
Carey noted that we could be a XULRunner of the trunk.
The consensus was that we would use the trunk until XULRunner is released, and then we can move to the stable XULRunner branch.

Peter Hunter: Will be away for 6 weeks.

Andrew: Has made progress on the code generation service. There was some follow-up discussion about how much optimisation we should do (consensus: start with none, and create optimisations later), and also about how much we should try to allow new languages to be supported (consensus: start with one, but expand to support more later).