Meeting Minutes 18th May 2006

Meeting Minutes 18th May 2006
Present: David (Andre) Nickerson, Dong Zhang, Shane Blackett, Peter Hunter, Peter Villiger, Matt Halstead, Poul Nielsen, Sarala Dissanayake, Carey Stevens, Andrew Miller

File extension:
Matt: Believes there should be no file extension, because not required. Can use mod_rewrite instead.
Shane: Supports use of .cellml, to support Apache and Win32.
Carey: Unhappy with such a long extension.
Andrew: Believes we should not make .cellml the only extension, because it will encourage people not to support any other extension.
After discussion, there was consensus that there should be only one extension, as that is better than having a mixture of files on the filesystem, and that the extension should be .cellml.

Poul: Noted that there had been discussion about which tracker to use.
Shane: Agrees with Carey that Bugzilla is hard to use.
After much discussion, it was decided that Matt will set up a test Poi site. Andrew will use PCNG to put all bugs, and document problems before we decide whether it is worth changing.

Andrew: Has fixed the issues that were making mozCellML slow, and asked whether we should release a new mozCellML, and if that should go back and encompass the updates to XPCORBA. The consensus was that we should wait to see if we need to do this first.

Carey: Reported that he will use xlink:href to refer to the data files which motivate/justify a given model.

Andrew: Passed around a layout of the PCEnv. He is using XBL to define a two layer scheme, with the first layer defining layouts, and the second one defining components in that layout.
Peter Hunter: Has some notes on paper about what he thinks the layout for cardiac end-users should support and look like (with help from Andre and Steve Niederer). Will discuss with interested parties.

Andre: Asked about the progress of the code generation service.
After discussion, it was decided that Andrew would work on this as soon as there is enough code available for Dong to commence work on the user interface. Also, a Python/Plone user interface which interacts with CORBA could be developed to expose this to end users.