Meeting Minutes 11th May 2006

Meeting Minutes 11th May 2006
Present: Peter Hunter, Dong Zhang, Peter Villiger, Shane Blackett, Carey Stevens, Poul Nielsen, David (Andre) Nickerson, Andrew Miller

Carey: Asked if we had a decision on the file extension in light of the posts to ietf-types and cellml-discussion.
Poul: Noted that if we do decide to have a file extension, he would prefer .cellml over .cml, as fitting "8.3" DOS filenames is not really an issue here.
Poul: Suggested that we wait until more people can give feedback on it.

Andrew: Proposed a new user interface supporting docking.
Consensus was that we should not emulate windows, but instead use tabs and splitters so it is more standard and we don't have to write code to make this work.
Peter Hunter suggested that the layout depends on the problem domain, and offered to produce a layout suitable for use with electrophysiological models.
Poul was concerned that we should try to be more general.
Peter Hunter believes that generality is good, but being too general can harm actual usability for specific problems.
Andrew was concerned that setting a specific layout might harm the ability of new tools to integrate into the user interface.
Peter Hunter suggested we can limit it to a few pre-anticipated tools like the integrator.
Carey thinks that adding menu options may be sufficient.
Shane: Suggested that we might want to add highly model specific user interfaces like LabHeart's user interface.
Andrew: Believes we should limit this to slightly more general views (like Sarala's work, or cardiac specific models generated from metadata). Model specific views can be created outside of the interface using the CellML API and related specifications.

Shane: Has accepted that we can never have multiple incompatible XPCORBA versions loaded at the same time, so believes we should looking into whether we can use the Firefox versioning system.