Meeting Minutes 4th May 2006

Meeting Minutes 4th May 2006
Present: Poul Nielsen, Sarala Dissanayake, Peter Villiger, Matt Halstead, Carey Stevens, Shane Blackett, Andrew Miller, Dong Zhang

Shane: Was at the IT group meeting when the external SVN access issue was discussed. The consensus was that the repository for external access should be kept separate from the current institute system based on Kerberos. The consensus was also that they should run on separate servers, or at least virtual servers (Linux, not AIX, as Tiong had problems with AIX and Apache before).

Poul: Will go to see Tiong to follow up on this. Looking for a time-frame from Tiong. Will also ask for it to be backed up.

Andrew: Has produced a "CellML Tools Plan" describing the individual components completed so far, or needed in the future, to produce CellML tools. There was discussion of the document at length, including:
* Agreement that we should add a note that services don't need Mozilla in general.
* Agreement to rename the Simple C++ interface to the Physiome C++ Mapping
* Clarification about what is available now, and what has been developed but is still being tested and in private Subversion.
* Clarify that the CellML editor tool does not use CORBA directly, but only through xpcellml_api.

Matt suggested that we could use CORBA directly from the Mozilla components, but after discussion, it was unclear whether this would be worthwhile.

There was extensive discussion about what should happen with XPCORBA in order to prevent versioning issues. The consensus was that it was not a good idea to create a fork and start a new project which didn't share names, as has happened at the moment. There were several proposals:
* Require all software to be upgrade at the same time (no consensus).
* Implement some sort of system where the name gets changed (Andrew will look into this possibility).