Meeting Minutes 20 April 2006

Meeting Minutes 20th April 2006
Present: David (Andre) Nickerson, Sarala Dissanayake, Peter Villiger, Carey Stevens, Shane Blackett, Poul Nielsen, Andrew Miller, Dong Zhang

Andrew: Has produced a CellML Umbrella Specification, no comments from cellml-discussion after a week.
After much discussion, reached consensus that "Requirements for entry into the registry" 6, 7, and 8 should be dropped, and instead we should use our discretion to refuse entries to ensure that all registrations are suitable.

Also considered whether to drop the section saying that formats entered into the registry must not change. The argument was put forward that we could have draft versions sitting around for years before we can say they are stable. It was eventually decided that we could just keep the version without it being official until it has stabilised, and encourage people to support the draft versions until they become stable.

Andrew: Asked about where we should store our source code for tools. We have the option of moving to locally hosted Subversion(as CellML DOM API currently is stored), or staying with Sourceforge CVS, or moving to Sourceforge Subversion.
Noted that there is currently no way to access the repository from outside the University.
Carey: Believes that local storage is best, as it gives us more flexibility, and control.
Andre: Believes that Sourceforge is best because they are set up to manage it, and that saves us the effort of doing so.
Andrew: Concerned about Sourceforge performance, thinks that most committers will be local so it makes sense to host it here.
Noted that a WebDAV server can be provided across HTTP/HTTPS, allowing access anonymous and authenticated access. Need to get Gareth and Tiong's support, so it can be installed on the web-server, and mechanisms for allocating user accounts to external trusted users can be arranged. Poul will send an e-mail to them, asking if they can set it up on the website.

Dong: Has been fixing bugs in the (old) Java editor, but can't commit until he gets a CVS account on Sourceforge(Andrew will create it). Has also been learning XUL so we can commence on development of the new environment.

Andrew: Needs to release a new mozCellML version because of a Firefox security update.
Carey: Suggests that the last part of the version number can be *, to avoid the need to release after every security update.
Peter: Noted that there are problems with the integrator on Win32 that don't happen on Linux.
Andrew: Hasn't fixed them yet but will look into it for the next version.

Shane: Noted that he is looking to adopt the Mozilla approach decided upon by the CellML group for the cmgui digitiser, using mozCmgui.