Meeting Minutes 9 March 2006

Meeting Present: Carey Stevens, Andrew Millar,  Poul Neilsen,  Matt Halstead, Peter Hunter, Jonathon Cooper(from Oxford), Steve Mckeever (from Oxford), Peter Villiger, David Nickerson,

apologies: Edmond Crampin, Shane Blackett, Sarala Dissanayake

General: New meeting place and time for the next three weeks, 11am on the 5th Floor.

Andrew: API dev group met on Tuesday and have made a lot of progress. Everything is implemented and now back to writting tests. Possibly about a weeks work left.

           Looked at the slow model issues. Have identified the slow code - looking at how to make it faster now. Andre to see how it was running so fast in other simulators.

Peter V: Still working on getting some models going.

Matt: nothing to report

Carey: Still working on repository. New tracker up with todo things in it.

Andre: Raised .xml vs .cml file extension.  We can  help by delivering models with a mime-type from the repository. But up to Alan what he wants to do with COR.

Jonathan: Presented demo of the tools he is developing. We can get a copy after he has finnished resolving some outstanding issues. Maybe a month or so away.

Peter H: What is the small subset of metadata for the simulators.
            Carey: Feature request opened in the tracker. Penny Noble interested in this too.