Meeting Minutes 2 March 2006

Meeting Present: Carey Stevens, Andrew Millar,  Poul Neilsen, Sarala Dissanayake, Peter Hunter, Jonathon Cooper(from Oxford), Steve Mckeever (from Oxford), Peter Villiger, David Nickerson,  Socrates Dokos,  Nigel, Sean,  Ben

apologies: Edmond Crampin, Shane Blackett, Matt Halstead

Each group presented the areas they are working in.

Nigel's Group developing tools for cellml editing and solving - very much aligned with research projects.
Discussion with the Auckland developers  would  help  determine  who should  put  what  effort  where.

Steve & Jonathan gave brief overview of their work - mentioned in last weeks minutes.
Jonathan could work with Andrew to make use of the cellml1.1 API.