Meeting Minutes 23 February 2006

Meeting Present: Carey Stevens, Andrew Millar,  Poul Neilsen, Sarala Dissanayake, Peter Hunter, Jonathon Cooper(from Oxford), Steve Mckeever (from Oxford)

apologies: Edmond Crampin, Peter Villiger, Shane Blackett, David Nickerson, Matt Halstead

Steve (5 weeks) and Jonathan (3 weeks) are here to interact with the cellml team.

Steve is a lecture in software engineering including XML and has got involved in cellml.

Jonathan is a Phd Student of Steve's, looking at generating efficient code from cellml. Developing in python for ease of development and benifit for the community.

Steve mentioned an ODE integrator, called Madonna from UCLA, that has a nice user interface, we should have a look at it...

Sarala: Working on the sbgn comparison matrix.

Andrew: Only have a few functions left to be implemented in the cellml API. Working on the test suite now too.

            Have an issue regarding the way reactions are handled in Matt's python API. Have a proposal to put to Matt...

            Have problem with the underlying xml library, discussing it on the list. Seems like we continue to use

Carey: Working on repository.  Still have a couple of critical rdf problems...

Jonathan: Would like a test suite that has models that conform to cellml and ones that don't.

              Would also like to look at code generation for multi-cell models