Meeting Minutes 2 February 2006

Meeting Present: Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger, Andrew Millar,  Poul Neilsen, Shane Blackett, Sarala Dissanayake, David Nickerson, Peter Hunter

apologies: Matt Halstead,  Edmond Crampin

Peter: On track with preparations for NIH presentation.

Carey: Demo of new model repository

Andrew: Fixed bugs reported in last mozCellML release.
              Plan to release again in a few days.
              New mozCellML detects that many of the models in the repository are overconstrained. Could make it flag this and continue to run.

Poul: Any progress on Eclipse and Mozilla evaluation as frameworks for our software? No.


Shane: Done a few things to help Andrew with mozCellML features.

Andre: Looking at metadata requirements for MIRIAM.

Peter V: Making progress with getting some models working in both mozCellML and JSim.