Meeting Minutes 21 December 2005

Meeting Present: Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger, Andrew Millar,  Shane Blackett,  David Nickerson, Edmond Crampin, Peter Hunter, Poul Neilsen,

apologies: Shane Blackett, Matt Halstead, Sarala Dissanayake

General: Have recieved a request by an author to correct their model in the database

             Some discussion on whether cellml can express stochastic problems. We think it should be possible, but we don't have any experience yet. Need to get a few samples to see what is required. We don't have any dynamic structures or arrays yet either.  Can SBML represent these?

            Out of the Biopax meeting in Tokyo, Sarala is getting support to work with overseas groups and is applying to IOOF for funds to visit Kitano's group.

Andrew: Almost mozCellML done. Still on schedule for xmas release. Linux version pretty much done.

Peter V: Waiting on some more information to finish marking up a model for Peter  H. 

Carey: Added mathml transforms to development model repository - summer students using it. Still working on Metadata issues. Have got Matt's code all working.

Andre: Summer students going OK.