Meeting Minutes 1 December 2005

Meeting Present: Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger, Shane Blackett,  Andrew Millar,  Matt Halstead, Shane Blackett, Sarala Dissanayake, David Nickerson

apologies: Edmond Crampin, Peter Hunter, Poul Neilsen,

Shane: Has been away sick recently - nothing to report.

Andrew: Working on graph scales in mozCellML. Still on schedule for xmas release.

Andre: Still working with Jsim, looking at setting up a test suite of models. Now working pretty well.

           Summer students going OK. They gave up on cell elite editor and are simply using MS Visual studio to edit the xml.

           Seems to a problem with Jsim, Andre might follow this up with Eric.

Sarala: nothing to report

Matt: They have found the math bug problem and have a work around.

          Still looking for a java developer.

Peter: Been doing unit checking of Pennys currated models.


Carey: Working on model repository.  Have got Matts python products and am merging them into my own.

           Fixed math pretty print views.