Meeting Minutes 24 November 2005

Meeting Present: Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger, David Nickerson, Shane Blackett,  Andrew Millar,  Matt Halstead, Shane Blackett, Sarala Dissanayake

apologies: Edmond Crampin, Peter Hunter, Poul Neilsen

Andre: Trying to get summer students to look at correcting units in the models in the repository. Still working through issues with JSim.  Students using Janathan in Oxford's web cellml validator too. Some discrepencies between these two still.

           Have submitted a paper into IBM journal for celllml

Andrew: Graph editor is finnished now. Does axes using new cmgui features.

             Can now mark variables as important.

             Scheduled release for xmas.

Sarala: Fresh back from Japan.

            Nicolas from EBI would like to collaborate.

            Kitano also doing similar work with 3 full time developers on celleditor.

            Christain Lemer is also working in this area using IBM's Eclipse, interested in working with people interested in using the same platform.

            General feedback was that Saralas proposed project was a huge untertaking, possibly too big....

Matt : One of the developers has found a critical matheditor bug, should be fixed now though. Need to establish a proper documenting and releasing process. Need to find another fulltime java developer.

          Reports from Poul indicate  Biopax meeting was quite successful.

Peter V: Still working on the model, getting close to trying to run the model...

Shane: Supporting Andrew's graph drawing efforts, including adding text for MS Windows.