Meeting Minutes 10 November 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Neilsen, Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger, David Nickerson, Shane Blackett, Peter Hunter, Sarala Dissanayake, Andrew Millar,  Matt Halstead

apologies: Edmond Crampin

Carey:  Discussion of how models should be stored in Zope. Shoud metadata be put into the file stored or left as fields on the model object. How should the metadata be input/enforced. How should data be extracted  from an uploaded model?

             Answers: Doesn't matter how they are stored as long as cellml is what comes in and out.

                            Will develope simpl metadata input form, but encourage use of the metadata editor.

                            To investigate with Matt and Andre using a more robust method using normalised rdf to extract fields using xsl

Peter V: Still working on the new model. Will try to identify generic components that can be used in multiple models. Much discussion on what the criterior for a component in such a library should be.

Andrew: Made a specification for mapping from IDL to a simple C++ header. Got the C++ generation working.

             Made some progress on the new mozcellml interface.

            Much discussion on the priorities of of mozCellml versus the cellml API. Points in the discussion included:

            We must produce the API now (it is long overdue) because others in the community are starting their own diveregent tools.

            We must produce useful tools, such as mozCellml for use within the institute now.

            The debate didn't seem to have a winner but it was clear that in order to accelerate progress more people need to help produce real outcomes. Matt and Poul discussed the possibilty of one of their developers contributing. Matt will talk to Mike to see if he is interested. Carey can help with mozCellml and cmgui.

            priorities: C++ implemenation of cellml API. User Interface for mozCellML

out of time.....