Meeting Minutes 3 November 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Neilsen, Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger, David Nickerson, Edmond Crampin, Shane Blackett, Peter Hunter, Matt Halstead, Sarala Dissanayake

apologies: Andrew Millar

Peter H.: Reported back on meeting attended in Boston on Standards. Much discussion on the need for standands and importance of the connection to experimental data. Outcome was decision to write a proposal to NIH, a collaboration between MIT, this group and the sbml group and possibly others.

Matt: Need to organise computers for students. Poul had some suggestions and will get it sorted.

         Getting the developers to make proper releases. Carey to set up facility for this on the cellml site.

         Still looking at biopax and preparing for meeting in Japan.

         Looking at what could be gained by making cellml metadata OWL compliant (currently on RDF compliant).

Sarala: nothing

Edmond: nothing

Peter V.: Still marking up a new model. The reference model should use imports, but a flattened model also be provided for older tools.

Poul: Last week discussed the issue of building a teaching tool based on a simplified version of mozcellml or something for Dennis. The student, Shannon, doing this will be starting in two weeks.

Carey: nothing

Andre: Been working with Eric on Jsim units when importing cellml.

Shane: Reported there is a new cmiss plan, that will use cellml and fieldml...